Magnetic Testing

State of the Art Testing Facility

Island Ceramic Grinding has partnered with Laboratorio Elettrofisico, the leader in magnetizing and magnetic testing equipment, to provide a wide range of testing capabilities in our Gilroy, CA facility.

Our testing lab can provide testing as a service or work with you to develop your own in-house testing and magnetizing capabilities.

  • AMH-500 Hard Magnet Hysteresisgraph
  • Magnetic hysteresis testing on hard mangetic materials like Alnico, Ferrite, NdFeB, SmCo and bonded magnets.
  • AMH-200K-S AC/DC Permeameter for Soft Magnetic Materials
  • Automated measuring system to characterize ring and strips in soft magnetic materials up to 200 kHz
  • Helmholtz Coils Helmholtz coil flux measures
  • Single axis flux measurement.
  • Triaxial Helmholtz Coils Helmholtz coil flux measures
  • Compare the axis of magnetization to the magnet's geometry. Measure each orthogonal component or the total magnetic moment.
  • Micromag Magnetizer
  • The Next Generation Capacitor Discharge Pulse Magnetizer / Demagnetizer
  • AMH-5800 Hard Metal Magnetometer
  • Measurement of magnetic properties of Cemented Carbides (WC in Co matrix) and semi-hard magnetic materials
  • CR/03 Coercimeter
  • Coercivity measurements for soft magnetic materials